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Rose Tree Day School, along with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County, has created our own “Health and Safety Plan” prior to reopening for in-person instruction. Rose Tree Day School has followed the guidance from PDE, the CDC, our local health department (Chester County for Delaware County), DHS and local ELRC. Our plans are centered on the health and safety of students, staff, and families. Rose Tree Day School, along with the UUCDC Executive Board and expertise and guidance from DHS, CDC and OCDEL have been influential in preparing a plan to reopen our school for both Pre-school and Kindergarten students.

While health and safety considerations are paramount, guidance also is rooted in our understanding and belief that social interaction and in-person instruction is essential to our children’s emotional well-being, as well as their educational growth and advancement.

Guidance consists of a spectrum of interventions and strategies that, when applied consistently, work in combination to reduce the overall risk of infection and spread. No single precaution, or set of precautions, will completely eradicate COVID-19, or prevent its transmission. Though there is built-in flexibility to address the possibility of varying conditions over time, at this time there is a low prevalence of disease in the community, and with our local health department we will be adopting an overall long-term approach that begins to treat COVID-19 similarly to other contagious diseases that are found in our schools.

Highlights of the guidance and our Health and Safety Plan include the following: (For complete policies please contact:

Drop off/Pick up Procedures: Drop off/Pick up will be handled at the front church screening entrance (as weather permits). When health screening is complete, the child will change shoes, wash hands and a teacher will escort the child to the classroom. In the case of inclement weather, a parent or guardian will enter the building and complete drop off/pick up procedures in a designated area. Only one child or family permitted to enter at a time. For pick-up: call the school and your child will be brought out to the parent or guardian at the front church entrance.

Arrival Screening: All staff and students will be screened, and temperature taken by administration before being admitted to the building. Health related questions regarding Covid-19 symptoms, travel and exposure will be asked. No parents, guardians or guests will be permitted inside the building.

Face Masks: All children and staff are required to wear masks at RTDS. Each family will supply 2 face masks for full day children and 1 mask for half day children. Face shields are an alternative to a mask and are available here at school. If a child has a special need that prohibits wearing a face mask or shield, please speak with RTDS administration.

Health and Illness Policy: Rose Tree Day School values the safety and well-being of its staff, children, and families. For this reason, the Center has adopted a COVID-19 Health Policy. These policies are subject to change and will be updated based on the recommendation and guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL).
  • Ill children and staff are required to stay home.

  • Any staff or child will be sent home if they present with any of the following new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19 including:
    • Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Sore throat
    • Chills
    • Loss of taste or smell
    • Diarrhea
    • Repeated shaking with chills
    • Muscle pain
    • Headache
    • Known close contact with a person who is lab- confirmed to have COVID-19
  • Potential exposure means being a household contact or having close contact within six feet of an individual with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 for at least 15 minutes. The period for having contact with an individual includes the period, 48 hours before the individual became symptomatic.
  • Children will also be sent home with any of the following new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) associated with COVID-19:
    • Fever – prolonged and persistent
    • Rash
    • Conjunctivitis (redness of the white part of the eye)
    • Stomachache, vomiting and/or diarrhea
    • Tongue is redder than usual and looks like a strawberry
    • Swollen hands and/or feet, lymph nodes
    • Irritability and/or unusual sleepiness or weakness
  • Any child or staff with a temperature of more than 100.4 will not be permitted to return to the Center until 72 hours after the fever has returned to normal without fever reducing medications. The Center will not allow a physician’s note before the 72 hours.
  • For any suspected or positive Covid-19 tests, conditions must be met as outlined in OCDEL Announcement: C-20-06 Revised for returning to RTDS.
  • The Chester County Department of Health will contact the infected person and will begin contact tracing. To keep all parties that may have been exposed safe, you are required to inform RTDS administration that you or your child are now self- quarantining.
Social Distancing: Social distancing focuses on remaining out of congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance from others when possible. The following social distancing strategies will be in place:
  • Staff will maintain social distancing. Other measures such as face covering, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, cleanliness, and sanitation will be rigorously practiced.
  • Classes will include the same group each day, and the same staff (as much as possible) will remain with the same group each day. The preschool children will stay in their grouping of 10 or under throughout the day with no mixing between groups.
  • Each group of children will stay in a separate room.
  • High touch surfaces made of plastic or metal, such as grab bars and railings, will be cleaned routinely, along with portable toys used outdoors.
  • At nap time, children’s naptime mats will be spaced out, ideally 6 feet apart so that children’s faces will face feet not each other’s faces ( head to toe) to further reduce the potential for viral spread. Mats will be disinfected and sheet laundered after each use.
  • Time standing in lines will be minimized, with children kept at safe distances apart from each other. Six feet of separation between children is preferred. This will be practice daily.
  • Children must wash or sanitize their hands immediately before and after using any sensory or shared materials. Materials once used will be place in designated bins for cleaning by a designated, non-classroom teacher.
  • The distance between children during table work will be decreased in half. Additional tables for individual children will be utilized to provide 6 feet physical distancing.
  • We will incorporate more outside activities. Much of our day, weather permitting will be spent outdoors, learning, playing, and having fun. This will provide fresh air, places for gross motor DAP practices, and space needed to practice social distancing. Many of our routines will take place outside where we can spread the children out from each other.
  • All children will have individual art material boxes and individual chalk boxes for outside play.
General Hygiene and Cleaning: Parents or guardians should monitor the health of their child and not send them to the program if they are displaying any symptom of COVID. Parents or guardians should seek COVID testing promptly and report results to the program given the implications for other children, families, and staff. Parents or guardians should protect any vulnerable persons who are members of the same household or come into frequent, close contact with infants, children and youth who attend care.
  • The Center will follow all applicable regulations found in the PA Code 3270 Child Day Care Centers.
    /Child-Care Regulations.aspx
    • Hand Hygiene: All staff , children and anyone entering the Center will engage in hand hygiene at the following times:
    • arrival to the Center and after breaks,
    • before and after preparing food or drinks,
    • before and after eating or handling food, or feeding children,
    • before and after administering medication or medical ointment,
    • after using the toilet or helping a child use the bathroom,
    • after coughing, sneezing, or blowing nose,
    • after fingers have been mouth,
    • after encountering bodily fluid,
    • after handling animals or cleaning up animal waste,
    • after playing outdoors,
    • before and after playing in sand, in water or with sensory materials, and after handling garbage.
    • whenever hands are visibly dirty.
    • Hands will be washed with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If hands are not visibly dirty, alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol will be used if soap and water are not readily available.
    • Cleaning:
    • Cleaning and disinfecting efforts will be intensified over the pre-COVID-19 standards. Additional CDC guidance can be found here:
    • Cleaning products will not be used near children, and staff will ensure that there is adequate ventilation when using these products to prevent children from inhaling toxic fumes.
    • The Center will routinely clean, sanitize, and disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched, especially toys and games.
    • The Center will clean objects/surfaces not ordinarily cleaned throughout the day such as doorknobs, light switches, classroom sink handles, countertops, tables, desks, chairs, cubbies, and playground structures.
    • All air conditioners will be cleaned, and filters cleaned/changed weekly.
    • All bathroom surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected after each use throughout the day.
    • RTDS will use an electrostatic sprayer for additional cleaning.
    • Clean and sanitize toys:
    • Toys that cannot be cleaned and sanitized will be removed from the classrooms.
    • Toys that children have placed in their mouths or that are otherwise contaminated by body secretions or excretions will be set aside until they are cleaned and disinfected by hand by a person wearing gloves.
    • Toys will not be shared with other groups of children, unless they are washed and disinfected before being moved from one group to the other.
    • Toys, used by children will be set aside, placed in a dish pan with soapy water or put in a separate container marked for “soiled toys.”
Food Policies:
  • The children will continue to bring their own lunch food from home, the Center will discourage the sharing of food between children. All lunches must be packed in a labeled brown bag. All containers must be disposable. Please remember to include disposable flatware. No food will be returned home or saved to eat later in the day. Please consider this while packing your child’s lunch.
  • All children should continue to bring a labeled, insulated, filled water bottle to school. The staff will wash and refill throughout the day.
  • Meals will be eaten in the classroom and staff will assist children as needed.
  • Staff will ensure children wash hands prior to and immediately after eating.
  • Staff will wash their hands before serving food and assisting children.
  • The Center will follow all other applicable federal, state, and local regulations and guidance related to safe preparation of food.
  • At this time, we are asking all families to make a monthly $10.00 donation for the purchase of fruits, vegetables, cereals, and snacks. We will update this policy in the future to include family food donations once we are able to make sure this is safe. No food will be accepted for donation at this time.

Resources for Families

Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC):

Office of Child Development and Learning (OCDEL):

Department of Human Services (DHS) 1-215-560-2541:

Chester County Board of Health (BOH) 610-344-6225:

PA Department of Health 1-877-724-3258:

Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE):

Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC):

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